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Head Tennis Djokovic YouTek IG Speed MP 315 (18x20)
From: image Ptosh
Looking for tennis partner -Ilford
From: image martinspaulo
27 yo guy looking for beginner tennis partner that can hold a few rallies. 4 tennis courts in st Cha...
Game South East London
From: image Maxland
Hi all,

Looking for players South East London
Morning / Early afternoon

Tennis - Wokingham/Crowthorne/Bracknell/Camberley
From: image HughF
Hi everyone
Just joined and looking for people to play with locally. I work part-time so am fairl...
Looking for tennis player Brighton 01/08/2017
From: image Hakim
Hi there,

I have just joined and I am looking for someone to play with in Brighton (Queen's P...
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CanadianTe... Manchester Male
ITN 5 - High Intermediate
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devjohn379 Southend-on-... Male
ITN 10 - Starter
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Plamen84 1 5 6 Friendly
Maxland 6 7 View Match
Federer_wa... 1 5 Friendly
Maxland 6 7 6 View Match
Plamen84 0 5 2 Friendly
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JaggyB 3 4 Friendly
dpeyton 7 6 View Match
JaggyB 6 3 Friendly
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