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Name: London TP Knock Out Tournament - Division 1
Tournament status: Completed - click here to view the ladder.
Prizes: £60 for the group winner! £25 to runner up.
1/ THE DRAW IS MADE check it up - you should have received an email too.
2/ Please Make SURE you fill your contact details: email AND phone.
3/ You can start to organize your matches with your friendly opponents
4/ 1 round per WEEK: please play one match per week or faster so that we can play the final on target

- Your tennis courts of choices (i.e parks in London)
- No imposed time of play: you and your partner decides for that too.
- Make sure you play your matches well within the dates.
- Make sure you have a few sets of NEW tennis balls
- Follow the rules
- Focus on your game, play respectfully and Enjoy!

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HAVE GREAT FUN! The team at TP
When: From 29 June 2012
To 29 July 2012
Where: London
Play in radius: Zone 1 to 6
Registration deadline: 28 June 2012 at 12:00
Level required: All tennis levels, With or without LTA ranking: Draw made electronically by expected group level to maximise competitiveness and fun
(check your level here)
How many players: 16 max per group level
Contact email:
Cost: £10 admin fee. Paid and non refundable

Completed Tournaments

March-April Tournament
Winner:  Piotr C.
Runner up:  Andygaro

players tournament
Knock-out Tournament Rules and Information

What is a knock-out (KO) tournament?

Knock Out is the most famous format in Tennis, players are put in a draw, the winners progress to the next round the losers drop out.
As an example you can have look at one of our previous tournaments here.

Who can play and where?

TP Tournaments are for men and women sixteen years and over, with or without an LTA ranking. We recommend though that you choose your level according to the ITN guidelines here.

There is no restriction on your location: i.e if the tournament takes place in London and you live in Birmingham, you can participate. Home player decides where to play. Parks, clubs, the choice is yours and there is plenty. The only thing we require is to choose a venue inside the specific tournament radius.

The Draw..

Once the total number of players have been reached a draw takes place. Your level will be taken in consideration in the electronic algorithm random draw.

Match result

The match result MUST be entered on the site within 48 hours at the latest. Only the winner of match can enter the result.
TP reserves the right to cancel a result if a match result has not been entered!


The home player is chosen randomly with priority to the higher ranked player. TP does not provide transport services for the tournament...

Court Fees

Costs must be split between players. This includes club guest fees, but up to £5 for the away player, the rest for the home player.


Balls: Each player needs to bring a can of 4 new balls. A coin toss will decide which can they will use.
We do not provide equipment so make sure you bring yours!...
We recommend you bring 2 rackets in case your strings goes pop....

Standard Rules

  • Matches MUST be played by their published deadline.
  • Best of 3 sets. Tie break at each set when at 6-6
  • A walkover occurs when your opponent doesn't attend to play, or gives a WRITTEN/typed notice which anyway is beyond 4 hours, or comes late: 20 minutes MAX, or stops playing or leaves the court for more than 15mn for whatever reason. A toilet break is 15mn MAX. Reporting a walkover is simple: enter 1-0 result
  • Cancel: If for any other reason than the weather, the final is not played or interrupted by both players before the 3rd game of the first set, we will change the schedule. This will occur only once though. A new match will be played.
  • Major disagreement over a line call? This is YOUR business... Last word is for the player who is in the area of the call. Usual. He calls it. He can also indeed suggests to replay the point.
  • TP will NOT have the last word except for the final where a volunteer, Top club level minimum level player, non professional referee is provided.

Organizing Matches

Players must to organize their matches by contacting each other with the contact details provided. They can if they both wish, allocate a referee of their choice. Except for the final where TP will provide a referee.
Matches must be played in the first of the three weeks given to play.
If a player's opponent doesn't answer any of the contacts request to play the match no later than 48 hours before the limit date of the match, a walkover will be given.
Warm Up: 10 minutes chaps. 10 minutes.

Dear weather:...

If because of the weather, light or other reason both players agree to finish their match at another date, that is fine as long as they complete their match by the given latest date. During the final, if such an event occurs, only the referee will take this decision.


Not good at keeping track of the score? Happens to.....90% of us players. We therefore recommend this: both players agree that the player who serves calls the score.


There will be NO refund from the moment a player pays to enter the tournament. However, if for any reason we are unable to find you a group to play in, the fee will be refunded in full.

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