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Preferred Times: Weekday Morning
Weekday Afternoon
Weekday Evening
TP Rank: 5658   (See Rank)
Competitions: My Local Ladder | Join the Leagues
Level: ITN 8 - Good Recreational
Age: 40,   Male
Forehand: Right    Backhand:  Single
City: Caerphilly, Wales
Racquet: Wilson N6 hybrid
Strings: Standard
Shoes: Adidas
Favorite surfaces: Acrylic
Porous Concrete
More Info
About me: Hi, I'm happy to play anywhere anytime, work and shifts pending. I love tennis and want to play as often as I can. Have no real preference in court surface. Used to play a lot during my teens and early 20s, used to be pretty good but never joined a club. Have only started to play again in the past three years and then only for the annual welsh police championships, although I never made it past the first round.
Occupation: Police officer Nationality: United Kingdom
How many friends do i play with quite regularly: 1 Ideally how many: 10+
Top 10 favorite players: Murray & Federer
Best shot i've made in the last 10 years... Dont know what its called but a reverse between the legs shot that landed in, was so impressed that I forgot to hit the return
Most embarrassing thing i saw on a court...
Preferred Opponent: Male
Preferred Format: Singles
Mixed Doubles
Describe here your ideal tennis partner: Anyone who's willing to play

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