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Preferred Times: Weekday Afternoon
Weekday Evening
TP Rank: 229   (1 TP Points - See Rank)
Competitions: My Local Ladder | Join the Leagues
Level: ITN 6 - Middle Intermediate
Age: 64,   Male
Forehand: Right    Backhand:  Single
City: Cambridge, East Anglia
Favorite surfaces: Acrylic
Artificial Grass
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About me: I am quite competitive at club level (intermediate), but I also enjoy friendly matches and practice. Nowadays I do not play in clubs and prefer to play singles rather than doubles. I normally play in Cambridge, but I would be prepared to drive to fairly close places to Cambridge. My best days to play are Wed.(all day), Fri (evening) and some weekends. Let's try a game?
Occupation: education Nationality: Chile
How many friends do i play with quite regularly: 2 Ideally how many: 4
Top 10 favorite players:
Best shot i've made in the last 10 years...
Most embarrassing thing i saw on a court...
Preferred Opponent: Male
Preferred Format: Singles
Describe here your ideal tennis partner: as long as you love tennis as I do I'll be happy to give you a match

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ace2bas.. 6-0
mario [View]
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