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Preferred Times: Weekday Evening
TP Rank: 4909   (See Rank)
Competitions: My Local Ladder | Join the Leagues
Level: ITN 8 - Good Recreational
Age: 33,   Male
Forehand: Right    Backhand:  Two hands
City: Leicester, East Midlands
Racquet: Babolat
Favorite surfaces:
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About me: I have been playing on and off for many years now, since an early age (am now 32) - I am very average, i can hold a rally and can serve 'properly' (overarm at least with the correct grip!), my net play is atrocious and i cannot volley...period.

i've recently started getting regularly weekly coaching as i'm passionate about improving and getting to a standard where i can confidently enter club level matches.

i would love to play once or twice a week but not managed to find anyone in my workplace, so hoping i can find someone on here - hopefully someone of similar or very slightly better ability, and who can consistently hit shots, which will also allow me to develop and improve.

my forehand is inconsistent still and i cannot consistently hit proper topspin on shots yet - i have a natural double back hand from a young age but recently i've found it limiting and last year i tended to switch to single.

just hoping to find someone with as much as enthusiasm as me for the sport and who really enjoys playing, not necessarily games/matches (although eventually that's what i'd like to do) but certainly loves to play and wants to improve also.
Occupation: Nationality: United Kingdom
How many friends do i play with quite regularly: Ideally how many:
Top 10 favorite players: ivanisevic, sampras, roddick, ......basically all the big servers.
Best shot i've made in the last 10 years... drop shot to the service line running from the back of the court. The tennis coach said 'aaah there's some talent in there....somewhere.....'
Most embarrassing thing i saw on a court... if i could watch my game, it'd be me.
Preferred Opponent: Male
Preferred Format: Singles
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