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Preferred Times: Weekday Morning
Weekday Afternoon
Weekday Evening
TP Rank: 4727   (See Rank)
Competitions: My Local Ladder | Join the Leagues
Level: ITN 7 - Low Intermediate
Age: 37,   Male
Forehand: Right    Backhand:  Single
City: Leeds, Yorkshire
Racquet: Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT +
Favorite surfaces: Acrylic
Artificial Grass
Porous Concrete
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About me: I have 4 years tennis experience hitting between 4-10 hours a week, mostly playing with coaches, and a fair bit of hitting practice behind me. I've played in Vietnam at 40 degrees for 2 years so I have a lot of staying power which more than makes up for my somewhat inconsistent game. I have also been playing a lot in Thailand and South Africa having only just returned to the UK. I aren't much of a fair weather player and I am happy to play in cold conditions outdoors - just needs to be dry!

I'd make a good hitting partner for most people. As I freelance I am flexible on when I can play, typically mornings, afternoons and evenings on weekdays and some weekends.
Occupation: Digital Media Manager Nationality: United Kingdom
How many friends do i play with quite regularly: 1 Ideally how many: 3
Top 10 favorite players:
Best shot i've made in the last 10 years...
Most embarrassing thing i saw on a court...
Preferred Opponent: Male
Preferred Format: Singles
Describe here your ideal tennis partner: I can play in or around Leeds or in or around Bradford as I swap between both cities. In Leeds I would ideally like to play anywhere within a 4 mile radius of Rodley LS6. In Bradford again anywhere within a 4 mile radius of the city centre. Someone of a similar level or a bit above me is fine. I am open to any partner though who can return the ball at a reasonable level! I am use to playing with all sorts of levels of players as I have been travelling and playing tennis for the past 3 years in Asia and Africa so sometimes you can't be too picky about who you meet.

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Salts Tennis Club
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Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT +
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