July 2014 KO Tournament

Please play one match per week. So get in touch ASAP with your future oponents to organize your matches. Click on their IDs in the draw then "send a message". Don't forget to report your results! (home player does it)

July 2014 KO Tournament
Please note that only the winner of the match can enter a result. Home player can choose the match venue.
First Round
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
Piotr C.          
Piotr C.         
BYE WO        
    Piotr C.       
Jonas   6-0 6-0        
Removed  6-4 6-3          
      Piotr C.     
Jake86      1-0      
James Bru..         
James Bru.. 1-0          
    James Bru..      
irinaM   6-7 6-4 6-4       
Adam Grze..  4-6 7-5 6-3         
        The Winner
Cyber Ath..         
Cyber Ath..         
marv 1-0   tflaviu      
    6-1 6-3        
tflaviu  1-0          
Patrizio      1-0      
simski81 1-0          
BYE   1-0        
pncbill WO        

BYE - Automatic advanced of a player to the next round without facing an opponent.
WO - Walk Over is unopposed victory and a result of BYE.
Home Player - Home player. This player has the prioirity to choose the match venue.
View Match - View match result in more details.
Contact Details - Shown before your match. Here you can find your opponent contact details.
The Winner - The winner of the tournament!

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